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Kosher Gold

When a group of heimishe yungerleit discovered the tremendous power of CBD oil for their individual ailments, they resolved to bring this newly discovered “miracle oil” to the Kosher community in order to help others with similar illnesses


The first step was our search for a reputable oil extraction facility in the US. We discovered a top notch distillery that produced the cleanest, high quality, food grade oil.  Next, we hired an independent lab to test every single batch, ensuring that there were no traces of harmful contaminants, pesticides or heavy metals in the oil. Finally, we were satisfied with procuring the most refined as well as  cost effective CBD oils on the market.

Closing the deal

After countless meetings, rigorous analysis and thorough deliberation, our team was satisfied and enthusiastic about our product. A handshake and signed contract later, we were on our way to putting our oil on the market. A  Mashgiach was contacted and brought in to Kosher the entire plant in accordance with the supervising Baal Machsher. 

At last, we placed our first order for Kosher CBD oil.

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