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In the winter of 2011, Isaac Kahana, founder of Kosher Gold CBD, discovered the incredible benefits of CBD (cannabidiol) oil while on a business trip in east Asia. He was immediately driven to make this newly discovered “miracle oil” accessible to the kosher community to help them improve health and achieve greater wellness.


The first step in producing the kosher CBD oil was to search and visit many reputable oil extraction facilities in the USA and abroad in order to know and learn from the experts in the field. During this journey, he discovered weaknesses in many distilleries due to the daily volume pressure preventing them from producing the cleanest, superior quality, food-grade oil. Once he identified and well documented his findings, he hired a trained professional technician and started sourcing all necessary equipment as well as a clean high-grade organic flower farm.

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This is the best CBD ever! When I take Kosher gold CBD all the pain and Aches in my body go away! I'm so thankful for this company.
Jacob Tepfer

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Kosher Gold is one of the best Certified Products in the market.

Closing the deal

After countless meetings, thorough analyses, and painstaking deliberation, Isaac’s team was ready for their first extraction in their newly built kosher facility.

The next step was to hire an independent lab to test every single batch, ensuring that there were no traces of harmful contaminants, pesticides or heavy metals.

After much trial and error, Isaac was able to procure the most refined, purified, cost-effective kosher CBD oil on the market.

In collaboration with a well-respected kosher certifying agency, he developed and implemented revolutionary production standards to be the first kosher hemp CBD oil brand in the world.
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